Integrated Strategy

Based on these shared convictions and our longstanding cooperation, our mission is to take university collaboration to a higher level of joint strategy development and to a new governance model. Our integrated strategy for bioeconomy education, research, knowledge transfer and innovation contributes to the development of a sustainable and competitive knowledge-based bioeconomy in Europe. The European Bioeconomy University provides an internationally unique and competitive model for a theme-based, system- and future-oriented university that focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary as well as sectoral and European collaboration. The EBU partners are best equipped for this task as, together, they cover the entire spectrum of bioeconomy dimensions:

  • production of renewable biological resources, from land and sea
  • value-adding conversion into feed and bio-based products
  • economic and social implications of a widespread diffusion of the knowledge-based bioeconomy, including stakeholder engagement and communication

The European Bioeconomy University will thus produce a new generation of truly European graduates. Stimulated by state-of-the-art research, our innovative European curriculum will equip our graduates with sought-after skills for an ever-growing labour market. Continuous international exchange at an early career stage will provide first-hand personal experience of the heterogeneous European regions, each with its distinct characteristics. Our graduates will be trained to collaborate with researchers, professionals and decision-makers from different cultural, social and disciplinary backgrounds in order to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit and find innovative solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.

Our strategy