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The aim of EBU is to strengthen the capacity and competitiveness of bioeconomy research, education and innovation through cooperation with other universities as well as non-university research institutions and relevant stakeholder in the field of bioeconomy. The EBU collaboration structure comprises three different circles of cooperation:

Three circles, description follows in text

Circle 1: EBU Alliance
The European Bioeconomy Alliances comprises the six founding members AgroParisTech, BOKU, UEF, UHOH, UniBo and WUR.

Circle 2: Affiliated Partners
A collaboration with affiliated partners aims at an intensive, middle- to long-term cooperation with other universities who demonstrate scientific excellence and academic leadership in research, teaching and transfer in the bioeconomy.

Circle 3: EBU Network
The EBU Network is targeted at all kinds of cooperation with stakeholders in policy, research, education, industry and society and other networks and organization, incl. (national) research organizations.