The European Bioeconomy University Creative Hub for Knowledge Generation and Transfer

Our aim is to strengthen the capacity and competitiveness of bioeconomy research through co-operation of European Universities

  • Functions as a European think tank, which acts on behalf of and can be accessed by all relevant stakeholders both in Europe and globally
  • Creates a dynamic networking and cooperation platform for the EBU and its partners from industry, policy and society
  • Sets up a Knowledge Transfer Platform
  • Collaborates with policymakers and partners from academia and industry, e.g. via JRC, BIC and EIT Food KIC
  • Develops communication and public engagement training for communicating Bioeconomy to the society

Knowledge generation and knowledge transfer

The European Bioeconomy University will be Europe’s leading intellectual institution in tackling the enormous environmental, economic and societal challenges of the 21stcentury. It will act not only as a think tank for knowledge generation, but also as a creative hub for knowledge transfer to transform diversity into creativity, support the European approach of democratic, transparent and participative processes and foster actual change in an innovative and sustainable way. As a new form of inter- and transnational university, it will build a bridge across disciplines, bringing students and researchers together in their efforts to create a knowledge-based bioeconomy in Europe. This will spur European integration and boost Europe’s role as a model region in the world. It will contribute to the revitalization and stabilization of rural, coastal and marginal lands, as well as decommissioned industrial areas by restoring natural resources and generating new income opportunities, and support Europe in meeting the sustainable development goals (SDG). It will offer the heterogeneous European regions a multitude of attractive opportunities by creating competitive, knowledge-intensive sectors with future-oriented jobs, especially for its youth, thus strengthening the social cohesion of the European Union.

Transformation towards a knowledge-based Bioeconomy

The European Bioeconomy University has the power to drive Europe’s transformation towards a knowledge-based bioeconomy by uniting expertise in the fields of the production of biological resources, their conversion of into high-quality food, biobased products and services, as well as the economic and sustainability assessment of these processes. Our global intellectual leadership is our strongest asset in meeting the expectations and legitimate claims of future generations. In order to prevent the climate being overburdened and planetary boundaries being further overstepped, non-renewable raw materials will need to be replaced by bio-based and/or biodegradable ones. The EBU will support the European Union’s endeavours to develop a creative, future-oriented, forward-thinking,socially fair, ecologically balanced and internationally competitive society through innovative, comprehensive yet regionally specific solutions in education, research and innovation, capacity building and communication.