Solidarity with Ukraine

We as European Bioeconomy University Alliance (EBU) express our full support and solidarity to the people of Ukraine under these horrific circumstances.

There are no justifications for war. It leads to nothing but misery and destruction. We strongly condemn this military invasion. President Putin’s attack on a free, democratic and independent country violates international law and goes against basic human rights.

In these troublesome times our thoughts are with our academic colleagues, our friends and everyone affected by this gruesome conflict. In the spirit of tolerance, freedom, understanding, justice and peace we come together as European Bioeconomy University Alliance and want to assure all Ukrainians that we are with you.

Our support is also directed towards all Russian citizens, who continue to condemn and oppose this senseless act of war against the people of Ukraine, in the face of oppression and misinformation.

And all Russian and Ukrainian students at our campuses shall rest assured, that you will find nothing but solidarity and companionship within the universities of the EBU. You will not be left alone.

We will continue to follow the unfolding events closely and hope for this war to come to an end soon.